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Greg Bryan
16069 N US Hwy 71
Booneville, AR 72927

[email protected]
[email protected]

(605) 799-6107



GRAUER WOLF KENNELS  has relocated
E mail and phone will stay the same with the addition of a land line number (479)928-1010
The 404 address has been sold 
The new address is  16069 N US Hwy  71, Booneville, AR 72927
Now accepting 8, $100.00 deposits for next spring's litter
I am expecting their arrival at the end of March
Final price $500.00 each
 Must be picked up at my location.

Grauer Wolf Kennels is is the direct result of a life long love of animals that started when I was very young.  I remember watching Mutual of Omaha's  Wild Kingdom and the animals they were studying or capturing for research.  My interest in animals was fueled by this program and I never looked back as I read books by Jack London and others.  I enjoyed going to zoos and learning everything I could about animals in general.  My college coursework lead to my becoming a science educator and I have been deemed highly qualified in Biology by way of Praxis examination.  Of course I continued to watch shows with Dr Brady Barr, Jeff Corwin, and I was a huge fan of the crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin(RIP).  I watch new shows and documentaries and read extensively from  the internet.  I still keep and maintain many species of reptiles and I do informative programs to teach students young and old about them.  I dispell the myths and the movie mistakes that are frequently employed to create fear and entertain viewers.​​  Instead I provide science based factual information​ but encourage students to continue enjoying movies with a different understanding.

​My recent focus has been on the creatures that are frequently used as the villians in many books and movies.  
​Movies take advantage of the ignorance of the general population to depict events that are unrealistic and ridiculous to a science teacher and specifically biology educated individual.  This is done to elicit a response of fear and horror.  The fact is that the behaviors of the animals in the movies are most often inaccuately portrayed and would never happen in the real world.  I could provide numerous  examples but that is not my purpose here.  I will say that stories like "The Three Little Pigs", "Little Red Riding Hood", should be told with a disclaimer.
​I have interacted, hands on,  with many creatures that the movies make into monsters and I have done so for many decades.  The list of these creatures includes alligators, scorpions, tarantulas, caiman, pirahnas, and most recently wolf dogs.
​The wolf was the original dog and all dogs today descended from the wolf.  Some more closely resemble the original dog such as the Husky, the Malamute, the various shepherds, German, Belgian, the Akita but even the Yorkie is a wolf.  As far as breeding is concerned, the four dog breeds previously mentioned are the accepted breeds for producing wolf dogs.  Obviously excluding the Yorkie.  I would argue there could be others suitable such as the American Indian Dog but at this time the four mentioned are the only acceptable breeds.   Whether you see them referred to as wolf dogs, wolf dog hybrids, wolf hybrid, or simply, hybrid they are the same animal.  The percentage of wolf and the breed of dog bred back into them is the main difference.   It is the goal of Grauer Wolf Kennels to match pups with good forever homes.    We are not a puppy mill and wolves only produce one litter per year.    You must be willing and able to provide a home in every sense of the word for 12-15 years or more in some cases.    Deposits are accepted to hold a pup.  The number of pups can vary.  I have seen 4 in  one litter and 8 in another litter.  

Ashe the big guy whose happy face is shown here is an Artic/Timber cross with a pinch of Malamute.  His grandfather was live trapped and bred to a female before being released back into the wild.  His father was never really socialized and he went over the fence during a power outage and has rejoined his father in the wild.  I will not disclose the location of these animals for their protection.  Ashe is the father of the litter we are expecting.  He is approximately 120 lbs,  gray with white and black.  He has green eyes.  He is highly socialized and quite friendly.

​N'Giri is the mom to be.  She is 97 percent Timber Wolf with a smidge of German Shepherd.  Yes, it is possible to do percentages.  It is no different than in humans.  Half the DNA comes from each parent.  It takes multiple generations to breed to the upper 90 percentile range but with time and patience it can be done.  If you take the total wolf blood from each parent, add them together and divide by 2, you arrive at the percentage.  Example: German Shepherd, 0 percent wolf, mated to a pure wolf, 100 percent wolf, added together equals 100 percent wolf, divide by 2 , equals 50 percent wolf dog  puppy.  A wolf, 100 percent, bred with a wolf dog, 50 percent, divided by 2 is 75 percent wolf.  As the process is repeated  the increase in wolf blood goes to a higher percentage with the increase becoming smaller with each breeding.  It takes repeating this process 5 times to get to the 97 percent number.  N'Giri has typical timber wolf coloring, tri color coat and extremely well socialized and she is a talker.  She is approximately 70 lbs.