Grauer Wolf Kennels
​                  breeding high content wolf dog puppies
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Greg Bryan
16069 N US Hwy 71
Booneville, AR 72927

[email protected]
[email protected]

(605) 799-6107



GRAUER WOLF KENNELS  has relocated
E mail and phone will stay the same with the addition of a land line number (479)928-1010
The 404 address has been sold 
The new address is  16069 N US Hwy  71, Booneville, AR 72927
Now accepting 8, $100.00 deposits for next spring's litter
I am expecting their arrival at the end of March
Final price $500.00 each
 Must be picked up at my location.
​​Grauer Wolf Kennels is a business that has come about after several years of planning.  We are a family owned business that raises high quality, high content wolf dogs.  These animals are often referred to as wolf dogs, wolf dog hybrids, wolf hybrids, or simply hybrids.  Regardless of the title assigned they are the same animal.  The main differences are the quantity of wolf blood and the type of dog used in the breeding process.  Our animals are bred to be companion animals and love  human contact and high levels of interaction.  They enjoy lots of pets, scratches, and belly rubs.  They play fetch and tug of war and enjoy simply being near their human or other animal pack members.  The socialization begins immediately as the pups are born and continues as the pups are reared.​​​​